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The SBMP-N90 phone isn't quite as cool as the Burj Al Arab it apes

Chris Ziegler

Call it a KIRF Burj Al Arab, if you will, but no one's going to be fooled -- in fact, unless you tell 'em, we're willing to bet that most folks won't even realize that the dual-SIM SBMP-N90 in your pocket has anything to do with the famous Dubai structure. That said, the blue and metallic candybar does include a pretty cool stand, so if you're willing to deal with the lack of 3G or EDGE and the mere 1.3 megapixel cam -- and you're willing to take some time to explain how the thing has any relationship whatsoever to a building halfway around the world -- the phone might be for you. See it in glorious video action after the break.

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