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This Wednesday: Peggle, Crystal Defenders & NCAA Basketball MME [update]

Dustin Burg

PopCap Games' alarmingly addictive Peggle and Square Enix's Crystal Defenders will both be releasing to the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, March 11 for 800 ($10) each. That is, if Major Nelson and his podcasting co-host, e, can be trusted (we think so!).

This week's Peggle release isn't all that surprising, seeing that a recent press release confirmed a March release, but hearing that Crystal Defenders will complete this Wednesday's XBLA twofer, well ... that's just out of left field. Not that we're complaining or anything, we're just overjoyed that Bjorn will be giving our 360 an incurable case of "Extreme Fever."

Update: NCAA Basketball MME is out too! (No demo available.)

[Thanks, Liam G.]

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