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Atari drops Ghostbusters multiplayer deets, neglects vital information


There are a few things to be gleaned from the Ghostbusters multiplayer details recently posted on First of all, the game features co-operative multiplayer in which players catch ghosts as a team. Of particular interest is the multiplayer campaign mode, which allows you to earn cash and upgrade your equipment. There's also an Instant Action mode for less patient players. Beyond that, there are plenty of other details: six power-ups, twelve maps, six different game types, etc.

The problem, see, is that Atari forgot one important piece of information concerning any Ghostbusters multiplayer experience: What happens when you cross the streams? It's a vital detail and, frankly, we're shocked it's not even mentioned. We can tell you this right now: If nothing happens when you cross the streams, the trivial geek rage will be heard the world over.

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