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Funcom to reveal The Secret World at GDC '09

James Egan

There's clearly an imbalance in the genres represented in massively multiplayer online games in the current market climate. Fantasy reigns supreme, but fans of sci-fi are going to see more MMO titles geared towards their interests in the coming years. One genre that's still underrepresented, though, is horror. The Secret World is a horror MMO in development at Funcom that we've heard precious little of. That is, until now.

Reporting for ShackNews, Chris Faylor writes that Funcom's Ragnar Tørnquist, game director for The Secret World, will present at the Game Developers Conference later this month. We're hoping his presentation will explain more of the game's premise. Presently, it's rumored to have secret society and Cthulu-esque elements to it, but we're excited that we'll finally be able to hear more about The Secret World when we cover GDC later this month.

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