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Gigabyte's M1028 netbook / tablet hits the FCC


It's not an official confirmation, but it looks like the chances of at least some of Gigabyte's new netbooks showing up 'round these parts just got a bit better, as the M1028 has now hit the FCC and been put through its necessary paces. Now sporting the "CafeBook" moniker, the netbook appears to be mostly identical to the T1028 Touch Note model that made its debut at CeBIT which, as you can glimpse above, takes things a bit farther than the norm by opting for a convertible tablet form. Somewhat curiously, however, the manual now indicates that the system packs an 8.9-inch touchscreen (as opposed to the 10-inch we heard before), but all the other specs remain the same, including Intel's new and slightly improved N280 Atom processor, up to 2GB of RAM, a max 250GB hard drive, your choice of a four-cell or six-cell batteries, and optional 3G and WiMAX, to name a few features. Hit up the link below for the complete breakdown, including a peek at the system's innards.

[Via Liliputing]

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