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GTA IV: 13m shipped as of Jan. 31, DLC Ep. 2 in 2009


Take-Two's Q1 investor's call is going down right now, and one of the first items of news to blast its way out is the knee-wobbling figure of 13 million units; which is roughly the number of copies of GTA IV that has shipped worldwide on all platforms as of January 31, 2009 (technically, it's "over" 13 million shipped). To put that in perspective: that's more than one third of the population of Canada.

Also of note, Take-Two continues to list GTA IV's second Xbox 360 DLC episode for release in "fiscal 2009" (that's before November 1, 2009 -- for all you regular calendar users). "DLC will be an important part of our business going forward," CEO Ben Feder declared during the call.

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