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Pachter: Nintendo is like McDonald's


The man with his own Joystiq tag, Michael Pachter, is at it again, this time talking about Nintendo and the Wii. In likening Nintendo's success with the Wii to that of McDonald's success in slowly killing you, Pachter says a lot of what worked for the food chain is working for Nintendo right now. Does that make Mario a Big Mac?

"They buy the Wii games that they buy for the same reason that people go to McDonald's," Pachter said on consumers. Further elaborating on his comparison of the two companies, he said, "McDonald's doesn't win a lot of restaurant critic awards but they are approachable, they're consistent, and you know what they're going to serve you." He says that if the "concept is right," the "recognition factor" is there, and if "you can 'get it' from what's on the box," then "sometimes the game doesn't even have to be that good in order for it to sell."

He must have skipped lunch today, because Pachter also brought Nintendo's competition into the food comparison mix, saying, "Nintendo has become the fast food machine. Sony is very much the high-end restaurant. And Microsoft is somewhere in between."

So, basically, the Wii is like a #4 on the value menu, the Xbox 360 is like lunch at Applebee's, and the PS3 is like getting a reservation at Dorcia on a Friday night. Got it.

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