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Sony's durability test metes out years of punishment on the Vaio Z


Well, we can think of a few other devices we'd rather see get the smackdown, but we really got a kick out of the Vaio Z durability test videos on Sony's site -- and we think that you might too. Sure, the company stops a bit short of the Survival Research Labs treatment (nary a fireball, gunshot, or cloud of shrapnel in sight), but if you're anything like us your inner child can't help but smile at the thought of a robot dropping, slamming, or crushing a piece of consumer electronics. And to the little guy's credit it does all right, surviving automated drops, shocks, spills, and other assorted abuses. In all, not a bad way to spend an afternoon -- although we're really looking forward to seeing what sort of trials the company has in store for the Vaio P.

[Thanks, Mehul J]

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