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Tweetie 1.3 approved -- what are we supposed to do with this wagon full of torches and pitchforks?


Apple can be slow to act on user outcry at times, but it looks like the curious, discouraging case of Tweetie 1.3's App Store denial has come to a quick and painless resolution. There's no telling if it was the shouting proles that moved Apple to act, or perhaps a spoonfull of common sense -- Tweetie was apparently rejected on the grounds that it let people read swear words on the internet --- but whatever might have happened behind closed doors in Cupertino, Tweetie 1.3 is at last free to roam on the App Store, according to a Tweet from Tweetie developer Loren Brichter. Now all we need for eternal happiness is a clearly defined set of guidelines for App Store approval, a consistent appeals process, and some Nutella.

[Via The iPhone Blog]

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