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Ask Engadget HD: HTPC or HD media streamer?

Darren Murph

Just last week we threw out the question of which HD media streamer was simplest to use and operate, and this week we're being met with a slightly different, although equally important inquiry. Thomas, the floor's yours:

"I'm really struggling with this one. Should I spring for a full blown HTPC to record OTA shows, play back Blu-ray Discs, etc., or should I save some dough and just get a nice HD media streamer while continuing to use my lackluster cable HD DVR to record TV content? Has anyone else made this decision and been happy or remorseful with the outcome? What are some really compelling reasons to buy an HTPC over just a streamer? Save my sanity!"

You heard the man -- this one's an emergency. What things can be done with your HTPC that you'd miss out on with a simple HD media streamer? Is it worth the difference in cost? Feel free to chat it up in comments below.

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