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Beaterator's PSP exclusivity a little unclear

Justin McElroy

You may (though you probably don't) remember all the way back to late 2007, when Rockstar picked a young producer by the name of Timbaland up off the streets and gave him a shot at his own PSP game, Beaterator. It's a year-and-a-half later now and, though the sheer power of the announcement was enough to catapult Timbaland to super-stardom, we still haven't seen the game.

Now it seems there's a chance even more people can look forward to a digital Timbaland apprenticeship: Yesterday's Take-Two financial report listed the game's system as TBA rather than PSP. Does this mean DS, Wii or PS2 owners may soon experience the thrill of remixing music with Timbaland breathing down their necks? We'll keep you posted.

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