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BlackBerry Pearl 8230 comes to Telus

Chris Ziegler

Alright, Telus, you can dial down the that envy-induced shade of green you've developed while pining for Bell's BlackBerry 8230. Actually, you can't -- green is a part of your color scheme -- so allows us to rephrase: the Pearl Flip is now available on both CDMA nationals in Canada. It'll run you $49.99 CAD on a three-year deal, which delivers the promise of the $50 KickStart we'd hoped for before the GSM version was originally announced; it's just a damn shame it's going to take a three-year contract to get down to that level (of course, the $449.99 contract-free option is always available, too). Grab it now in your choice of black or pink.

[Via Howard Chui]

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