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LotRO's test server to get max level advancement today [UPDATED]

Shawn Schuster

According to a recent post on the official forums by Meghan "Patience" Rodberg, the Eyes and Guard Inn should be implemented on LotRO's test server today during the patch. The game's Community Manager said in the post, "We have news! Assuming the new build passes QA, we'll be updating Bullroarer tomorrow, and will be opening the Eyes & Guard Tavern as well. So, while not 100% guaranteed that we won't run into a delay, that's the current plan."

For those not familiar with the importance of the Eyes and Guard Inn, be sure to check out this guide created by us for the previous test server, Roheryn. The guide still applies on the new Bullroarer server, as it's basically a way to get a newly-created character to max level for testing purposes. Plus, if you'd like more information on the test server and when/if your server and your characters may be copied over, check out this FAQ.

[UPDATE] Patience gives a bit of an addendum to the test server guide with how to get from level 50 to 60.

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