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Nokia continues to hemorrhage Smartphone market share to RIM and Apple


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Rough morning for Nokia. After having its trio of new music-oriented handsets leaked, Gartner goes and releases a set of unflattering sales figures related to Nokia's beleaguered smartphones. While smartphone sales overall increased 3.7% in Q4, Nokia's share slid from 50.9% to "just" 40.8% on 15.6 million units. While many, including Samsung and HTC gained, it was RIM and Apple that made the biggest advances. RIM increased its share of the lucrative market to 19.5% (7.4 million units) from 10.9% while Apple more than doubled its share, up from 5.2% to 10.7% (4.1 million units). Keeping things in perspective: smartphones accounted for only 12% of all mobile device sales for the quarter. There's a method to Nokia's mid- to low-end handset madness.

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