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Ask Joystiq Nintendo: Inaugural Edition


Last week, as we prepared to start our new Ask Joystiq Nintendo column, we put out a request for, well, requests, and our readers came through! This week, in response to your submissions, we clear up some misconceptions about Wii and DS upgrades, indirectly tout DS homebrew, and accidentally imply that Space Invaders Get Even is somehow better than Space Invaders Extreme.

If you'd like us to set the record straight with any Nintendo-related issues, or perhaps inadvertently cast aspersions at your favorite DS retro remake, send us an e-mail at asknintendo at joystiq dot com!

Gary Beason asks:

Can you confirm the known information vs rumors about the Wii storage solution?

I've seen several posts claim that it will not allow playing game directly from the SD card, but I had not seen such details.

Your worst fears have come true!!!! If you have a phobia about SD card menus, I guess. The Wii storage solution will allow you to download content directly from the Wii Shop to an SD card. In addition, the process of transferring will reportedly be streamlined. But you will not be able to play Virtual Console or WiiWare games directly from the card.

Jamie asks:

Is the power adapter for the DSi the same as the DS Lite?

After the European release of the DSi, will Japanese DSi have multiple language like the Lite?
Would the DSi be capable of a Skype like program?... or just Skype?

First off, the power adapter for the DSi has a different connector, so it is not interchangeable with the Lite. There's no definitive answer to the language question, because there's no way to guess what Nintendo is going to decide to do with its firmware -- but I doubt Nintendo would add languages to the Japanese DSi firmware just because. Besides, Lites are pretty much universal, but DSi systems have access to their own separate DSi Shops.

As for Skype: the DSi would definitely be capable of a Skype-like program! In fact, DS Lites are capable of it right now. All that would need to happen to make it "official" is for someone to develop a DSiWare app.

Timerider asks:

The original DS and the DS Lite never supported WPA encrypted networks. Will the DSi work with them? For some reason the wireless router from my ISP only supports WPA, and I don't really want to turn it off.

The DSi does indeed support WPA, but, unfortunately, only for new software designed for the DSi. You can totally get on the DSi Shop and buy some Art Style games over your WPA-encrypted network, but you won't be able to load up N+ and grab a few levels.

Lord Bowser asks:

You know what would be amazing? Space Invaders Extreme for WiiWare.

While the Xbox is getting a wonderful port of the greatest game this generation, us Wii fans are stuck with Space Invaders Get Even. Now don't get me wrong, Space Invaders Get Even is an okay game, but it's a bastardisation of the familiar formula which needn't exist. Where is our pure version?

Actually, I guess my question is this: aside from the all to obvious (reason) of storage, and ignoring Hudson, why does the Wii get the shaft when it comes to compelling, original downloadable content?

Bonus points for giving an answer that does not include World of Goo.

Okay, this one isn't really a question with a factual answer, but I'll address it anyway. I can't speak on the motivation of developers (especially regarding the Wii), but I can guess at what's holding them back from more WiiWare development: the "obvious" file size issue. Nintendo enforces a strict file size limit of 40MB for WiiWare games, while Microsoft (for example) is willing to remove the limit for anything deemed important enough, like a crummy brawler based on a movie license.

While I agree that WiiWare could be a lot better served, I disagree with your example: Space Invaders Get Even is an original game made only for Wii, while Space Invaders Extreme is an outsourced port of a (great) DS game that is widely available in its original form for about ten dollars. Which one's the bastardization?

Finally, a couple of quick ones.

Max asks:
Has there been any word of the N64 Mario Party games coming to the Virtual Console?

Chris asks:
Will there be a Mario Party 9 for Wii??

There's been no word out of Nintendo or Hudson about either, but are you guys really that starved for minigame collections?

Every week, we'll answer reader questions about the Wii, the DS, or any other Nintendo-related topic in Ask Joystiq Nintendo. If you have a question, e-mail it to asknintendo AT joystiq DOT com! You need your questions answered, and we need content for this column. It's a symbiotic relationship!

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