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Tecmo announces new game announcement


Tecmo recently invited us to its upcoming new game announcement, taking place on March 24th. According to the invite, this will be the greatest "_____" game ever. Logic tells us that the new game announcement will be a continuation of one of Tecmo's franchises. Could this be the greatest Dead or Alive game ever? Maybe it's the greatest Ninja Gaiden game ever? Better yet, it might be the best Rygar game ever, dethroning the recently released Wii version.

We may not know what Tecmo is planning to announce, but we're confident the game will be for either the PS3 or PSP. Why? Tecmo's announcement will take place at the PlayStation Store in San Francisco. If the company's upcoming game is a PlayStation exclusive, it continues Tecmo's newly-found love affair with Sony -- the company is currently working on Undead Knights and Quantum Theory as PlayStation exclusives.

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