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Tiga: 1,700 industry jobs will be lost without UK tax breaks


Tiga CEO Richard Wilson has written an open letter to the British government, claiming that 1,700 jobs will be lost in the UK video game industry over the next five years if it doesn't receive tax breaks. He also believes that if the industry received a 20 percent production tax credit, that investment would increase by £220 million ($303m USD) over five years and create 1,600 jobs.

Tiga requesting tax breaks in the UK is nothing new, but the organization has been stressing the issue lately. International competition from France, Canada and the US is taking its toll on UK-based developers as, according to the letter, "the UK game development industry fell from third largest in the world based on revenue in 2006 to fourth position in 2007 and is expected to fall to fifth place in 2009."

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