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TUAW Featured Video: Dennis Liu's 'Pretending to Work'


As you may recall, previously on TUAW we brought you innovative filmmaker Dennis Liu's extremely creative music video for The Bird and the Bee's song "Again and Again." Next, I managed to snag an interview with the busy Liu while he was preparing one of his next projects.

And now, though the miracle of the modern Internets, I can bring you his new project right now. Liu has been hard at work creating a fascinating new piece using a tool many of us use each and every day: Microsoft Office. And, of course, his trusty Mac and OSX. But instead of doing another music video, Liu decided to branch out and instead created a short film highlighting how easy it is to pretend to work while at the office.

Creativity is where you find it and Dennis Liu proves you can find it just about anywhere if you know where, and more importantly, how to look. Check it out.

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