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Utah senate passes gaming retail restriction bill

After breezing through the Utah House of Representatives with an overwhelming vote of 70 for and two against, HB 353, a piece of legislation authored by Jack Thompson and legislator Mike Morley which enforces strict penalties on retailers who sell M-rated games (and R-rated movies) to "buyers subject to an age restriction or recommendation," found a similar reception in the state senate -- it was approved with a vote of 25 for and four against earlier today.

We now have three consecutive events to eagerly anticipate -- first, the bill must be approved by Utah governor Jon Huntsman before it's officially adopted. Second, the new policy will go into effect on January 1, 2010. Finally, we wait to hear how the ESA will spend the humongous legal fee reimbursement check that the taxpayers of Utah will indirectly cut when the bill is likely found unconstitutional. Perhaps some sort of tropical outing for their employees? We hear the beaches of Costa Rica are simply breathtaking.

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