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Version 2.10 beta firmware makes your Cowon S9 a new PMP

Darren Murph

Slowly but surely, Cowon has been issuing firmware updates to make its sleek S9 PMP the music player it ought to be. According to a recent leak of the v2.10 beta, it's about to become even more formidable a rival. Reportedly, the forthcoming update -- which can be downloaded now for those kosher with all things beta -- adds in support for widgets, WMV7/8, pitch correction, full screen mode in TV-out and color tags for subtitles. As for improved functionality, we're heard that the entire navigation process has been smoothed over, particularly in the area of browser scrolling. Check the read link for a download URL as well as the full changelog, and if that lucky individual that won our S9 giveaway doesn't give this a go and report back, you all have to right to throw stones until he / she does.

[Via AnythingButiPod, thanks Joseph]

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