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Alltel launches the LG Banter

Chris Ziegler

Turns out Sprint's not the only carrier launching a low-cost texter from LG this week. In fact, it's archrival Verizon that's getting in the game, too -- sorta -- by proxy, anyway, through the boys and girls at Alltel. The Banter becomes yet another in a long line of questionably-named models (think Rant, Propel, Behold... we could go on for a while here), but once you get past the name, you find that you've got a solid low-end landscape QWERTY slider with a 1.3 megapixel cam, microSD slot, Bluetooth, and changeable front and backplates. Sounds like a dead ringer for the Rumor 2, doesn't it? The Banter should be in stores now; we don't have pricing info handy, but we're thinking it's going to be mighty cheap on contract.

[Via phoneArena]

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