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Don't worry, it's not just QWERTY: Versa's game pad on track for next month

Chris Ziegler

At this point, the Versa is little more than a glorified Glyde when it's in its QWERTY wallet (okay, that was harsh) -- but it looks like at least one other module is still on track for release. phoneArena has documentation suggesting that the game pad will go on sale for the rumored $29, which should help make the phone a formidable little entertainment device. Interestingly, rumor has it the pad isn't made by LG -- which leads us to wonder whether the company has made the Versa's interface specification available to third parties, which further leads us to wonder whether we'll see other devices using the same connector. Anyhow, unlike the keyboard, the game pad conveniently slides away when not in use, which is kinda nice, and it should be available around the first of April.

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