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Joystiq at the Resident Evil 5 launch party


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As if compelled by some otherworldly force, hundreds of gamers converged last night at San Francisco's Union Square. Of course, they weren't some kind of brainwashed zombie parasite-controlled mob -- they were there for Capcom's latest act of large-scale fan service, the Resident Evil 5 launch party.

The full RE5 development team, lead by producer Jun Takeuchi, was on hand for the event, joined by members of the game's motion capture cast. Oh yeah -- we were there, too. (Though we weren't sporting spiffy, personalized B.S.A.A. team jackets like the dev crew.) Screaming contests were held, cell phones were laser-etched with RE5 imagery and photos were taken as evidence of the night's activity; check 'em out in the gallery below.

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