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Joystiq hands-on: Tiger Woods 10 (Wii)


We actually got two hands firmly on a MotionPlus-sporting Wiimote for our demo of Tiger Woods 10, which, as it turned out, was a very good thing. Unlike EA's other 1:1 motion sensing sports offering, Grand Slam Tennis, we were able to more immediately appreciate what Nintendo's new tech brought to the game.

Playing one hole at Bethpage Black, we first got into the swing of things (sorry) by seeing how accurately our on-screen club matched what we were doing in reality. The answer was "very accurately." Bringing the Wiimote slowly back and up, we watched as Tiger perfectly matched not only the angle we were holding it at, but the twist of the club as well. We took our first real swing and found that, yes, it was quite true-to-life: we sucked.

We got better, though, and putting really seemed to benefit from the increased Wiimote precision. The slightest backward movement was shown via an on-screen meter, providing a really good sense of how much follow-through we'd want in order to sink the ball. All in all, our brief time with Mr. Woods' game was the most impressive implimentation of MotionPlus we've tried yet. You can get an even better idea of what we experienced in the above video.

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