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Metareview -- MadWorld

You may not realize this, but MadWorld is a scathing look into the future of reality television. On today's shows we have survivors attempting to avoid madness and starvation, people who think they can dance and survivors who must dance to avoid madness and starvation (maybe we mixed that one up). MadWorld ups the ante by throwing players into a game show called Death Watch -- where winning puts $150 million in your pocket and losing puts you in the morgue. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to warn us television would go this route ... now, it's Sega's turn.
  • 1UP (A-): "The design constraints of Nintendo's system forced the developers at Platinum Games to be creative, and they followed through on their creativity by putting together a thoroughly enjoyable brawler with just the right amount of the ultra-violence."
  • GamePro (90/100): "Dark, brutal and hilarious in just the right way, MadWorld is a title that has rocketed to the top of every staff member's must buy list. Don't let the fact that it's on a "kiddie console" fool you-this is one title every "hardcore" gamer needs to play, provided you're over eighteen years old, of course."
  • GameTrailers (85/100): "One of the most eye-catching games to come along in a while, MadWorld is stylish, bloody, and a great fit for the Wii's controls. Though there's a surprising amount of incentive to replay it, it's barely seven hours long, so if you aren't persuaded by the novelty of extreme violence buy with caution."
  • Eurogamer (70/100): "No matter how much the schoolboy-humour commentary grates, no matter how repetitive the bits in between the set-pieces start to feel and no matter how frustrating the later levels become, MadWorld provides a rush of blood to the head almost as often as it provides a rush of blood to the pavement."


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