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Kawata: Darkside Chronicles a 'very dark' Resident Evil


Speaking to attendee's of last night's Resident Evil 5 launch party, Masachika Kawata, producer of the newly announced Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, shed more light on Capcom's Umbrella Chronicles sequel. Kawata addressed the crowd after screening the first trailer for the game.

"What we're looking to do is go back to a 'very dark' style of Resident Evil," Kawata said. "'Dark' is really a key word for this game. It will be shown in horror, in the storyline, in the emotions that the characters go through." We saw examples of this as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield fought side-by-side through a zombie ravaged Racoon City, circa Resident Evil 2.

He also explained that the development team at Cavia is "putting a lot of care, a lot of attention into [improving] how the camera system works in a rail-based shooter." This was evident in what was shown of the game's strong cinematic presentation, which included dramatic point-of-view shots of zombies feasting and the player narrowly escaping death with their partner's help. Kawata wrapped up his stint on stage saying that more information on the game would be revealed later this year, as everyone involved with the franchise is (rightly) focused on today's launch of RE5.

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