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Rumor: New Bone game coming in this spring

Jason Dobson

Here at Joystiq we hear a lot of rumors, but few that point and click on our hearts like news that Bone may be making a return visit to video games. This according to trade magazine Publishers Weekly, which casually mentioned a new Bone game while listing the final colorized take on Jeff Smith's renowned series amidst March's top selling comics.

While unconfirmed, the publication notes the game will be released this spring, leaving us more than a little skeptical given that it's already March and nothing has yet been announced. Even so, we've reached out to developer Telltale Games for more information. Besides, since Telltale cast aside Phoney, Smiley and Fone Bone in 2006 for a lagamorph and a macrocephalic boxer, our gaming habit has been sorely lacking. Though mostly in stupid, stupid rat creatures.

[Via VGTribune]

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