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The Daily Grind: Will you be heading back to WAR?

The call went out yesterday to all previous subscribers to come back and give Warhammer Online another try. As part of the offer, everyone who had an account in good standing that had been inactive for over 30 days was welcomed back for a 10-day free trial. If you decide it's not for you, just cancel within the 10 days. Of course, if you decide you like it, we're pretty sure they'll happily welcome you back. With the server merges that have happened, and the introduction of the Choppa and Slayer classes, there's certainly more to enjoy this time around - and a better chance of finding people to actually play with.

All that said, this morning we wondered if this 10-day free trial might entice you into trying out Warhammer Online again? Are you going to wait a bit more for them to add in more content instead? Or is there pretty much nothing in the world that would entice you to come back to Warhammer Online, short of a pretty major overhaul of the game altogether?

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