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    Panasonic's VIERA TC-P42S1 plasma reviewed: nice, for the price

    Darren Murph

    So, is Panasonic's low-end TC-P42S1 worth the relatively small asking price (around $1,000)? CNET reviewers sat down to find out exactly that, and they concluded that while it wasn't perfect, it's apt to be plenty awesome for the average HDTV viewer. For starters, it consumes a good bit less energy than previous PDPs, and it also sported black levels that "nearly rival" Pioneer's heralded KURO. Other praises include excellent shadow detail, solid color saturation and a decent array of ports. The only real knocks were the less-than-accurate primary colors / color temperature and the skimpy picture controls, but as we mentioned, these aren't likely to matter to the non-enthusiast. Overall, critics found that this here set struck a great balance between price and performance, but we'd still recommend putting your eyes on one before pulling the trigger.

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