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Breakfast Topic: Theme Songs


So I broke out the old movie soundtracks for my listening pleasure while doing some writing this weekend, and one track struck me as especially awesome: Tarawa, from Snow Falling on Cedars. The music is especially swelling and epic. The type that makes it hard to, you know, sit still and write. So I ended up lost in my imagination instead.

I couldn't help but imagine my Death Knight striding into Icecrown Glacier accompanied by the music, striking down scourge left and right, then raising their corpses under his own command to leap upon groups of unsuspecting cultists and gnaw their faces off. The climax, I think, would be a one on one fight with a massive, super-powerful abomination. We're talking Blizzard cinematic quality mano-a-flesh-golem blade-on-oversized-meat-cleaver action here.

Alas, I'm a writer, not an animator, so actual visuals of said fight will have to remain in my head. Now, others of my characters, while less epic, have theme music of their own. My Dwarf Hunter is a bit more of a laid back country girl, so I can't help but think Going Up The Country by Canned Heat has a sort of nice and breezy feel that sums up her adventures in the back woods of Grizzly Hills, trapping and hunting and fishing.

I've always been a music lover to say the least, and it's very often that when I'm analyzing a character or a piece of fiction, one thing that I always seem to gravitate to is assigning theme songs and background music to set the proper mood in my mind. My WoW characters are the same. So I'm wondering if I'm alone in this. When it comes to your characters and their epic or not-so-epic adventures, what music sums up their actions? What would be playing on a lazy day? What would be playing at their last stand?

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