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Issue #2 of Star Wars: The Old Republic webcomic gets physical

Kyle Horner

As self-proclaimed nerds for all things involving story and lore, we're thrilled to see the second issue of the Star Wars: The Old Republic webcomic, Threat of Peace. Things are beginning to heat up in the story, and we have a feeling that some all-out brawling is just around the corner.

We'd like to take this moment to point out that art-wise, Threat of Peace is quite pleasing. Anyone who reads the KOTOR comic series is probably seeing a little visual similarity here, and that's because the colorist (Michael Atiyeh) and letterer (Michael Heisler) are the very same fellows who've been working on KOTOR. We hope they can keep it up, because living life without this much awesome Old Republic era storytelling would be cruel and unusual.

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