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Pass your driving test with new DS game

Crib sheets have gone digital, this time with the release of Pass Your Driving Theory Test for Nintendo DS in Europe.

Long before you're able to cruise the streets behind the wheel, friends by your side, you need a Learner's Permit (it has many different names across the world) -- a piece of paper that says it's safe for you to learn how to drive. Seems pretty easy, considering you can't accidentally kill anyone during a written test, but European statistics show that around 40% of people fail the initial examination.

Pass Your Driving Theory Test
from Avanquest Software Publishing hopes to better your odds at beating the system by including every possible question for cars and motorcycles -- all 1265 official DSA possibilities. Sure, the game becomes practically useless when you've completed the Learner's Permit test but at a price of £19.99 for the title versus the £30 each time you take the test, it may be a good option. Or you could read a driving test book, which can be found at your local library.

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