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Wii Music introduced into D.C. school's curriculum

A Washington D.C. elementary school has turned to Wii Music to help win support for its music program.

FOX News 5 D.C. reports H.D. Cooke Elementary school isn't using the software to replace the music curriculum but to further pique the students interest in music. The Wii Music injection is, in part, a response to a mandate by D.C. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee for every school to have a music teacher on staff. H.D. Cooke is the first school to use such a program; however, the program is planned to spread to 50 schools across the United States.

The supplemental usage of Wii Music is a good example of engaging kids with popular tech from their generation; however, it will give them the false hope that playing a trombone is as simple as waving your hands around like a crazy person.

[Via Kotaku]

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