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Capcom VP explains RE5 multiplayer development, calls complaints 'BS'


Although Capcom had previously responded to the flack it's received for the $5 charge on the Resident Evil 5 "Versus" DLC, a VP for the publisher has had enough with all the complaining and is calling "BS." Christian Svensson, VP of strategic planning and business development, explains on the company forums that people are getting plenty of bang for their $60 and says that if people don't see the value in the secondary offering that, "the choice is simple, don't purchase it."

Svensson goes on to explain that paid DLC at Capcom has its own budget, with its own profit and loss analysis. He emphasizes that without this method, the Versus content wouldn't exist in the first place, because it "did not fit within the production budget of the base product." He continues that to hit the sweet spot of DLC releasing within 3 to 6 weeks of initial launch that development on these products starts before the actual product hits shelves.

Although the whole situation definitely has some debatable points, Svensson certainly hit the nail on the head when he said if consumers don't agree with what Capcom did: Don't buy the product.

[Via Kotaku]

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