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EA keeping 'a very close eye on' mixed martial arts


Speaking to IGN, expert Rock Band player, tattoo connoisseur and EA head honcho Peter Moore intimated that he'd like to see his company tackle mixed martial arts. While he stated that the company is "incredibly excited" about Fight Night -- presumably Round 4 -- he believes that boxing is "the past of fighting" and mixed martial arts is "the future." Before we get the guy in charge of negotiating UFC license fees too excited, we should note that Moore didn't mention any specific plans regarding the sport, only stating "when we look at where people's attention is going, that's something we keep a very close eye on."

Beyond that, THQ currently holds the rights to UFC games until 2011. That said, EA is not shy about acquiring licenses and THQ is in no shape for a bidding war. UFC licensing guy waits with bated breath.

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