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Epic Games to demonstrate new Unreal Engine 3 features at GDC

Though we usually have some expectations for what big announcements will be dropped at the annual Game Developers Conference, the happenings of this year's event, beginning next Monday, seem to be veiled in secrecy. However, Epic Games recently announced something for PC gamers to look forward to -- the developer will be showcasing some of the big changes it's implementing in Unreal Engine 3 during GDC 2009.

Among said changes is the introduction of the Unreal Lightmass, which will add "high-quality static lighting with next-generation effects." It will also include a few tools to make things easier on Unreal-focused artists and designers, such as the Master Control Program, which tracks and collects statistics of online gaming activity. It also enslaves and destroys its fellow programs, attempting to take over the world from within the ENCOM mainframe computer. End of line!

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