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MeridianSooloos produce first jointly developed touchpanel: Control 10

Darren Murph

Given just how zany the past few months have been in the HD world, you probably forgot all about Meridian and Sooloos' little tie-up back in December. Lo and behold, the newly conjoined company has just released its first jointly developed product, the Control 10 touchscreen. The device integrates Meridian's proprietary connectivity with a Sooloos touchscreen in order to create what's called the "most user-friendly media-access solution yet." For those with lots of Meridian equipment, it'll be hard to let this one pass given just how well it'll integrate, and there's also RS-232 for more widespread control. Hop on past the break for the nitty-gritty, but only after you've grown comfortable with the $5,000 asking price.

Meridian Sooloos, Together At Last: New Touchscreen Available

Control 10 now offers Meridian SpeakerLink/Comms Connectivity for Simple

New York, New York, March 13, 2009‹Meridian is pleased to deliver the first
of its new designs with Sooloos, the recently acquired manufacturer of
server-based home entertainment systems widely acknowledged as the most
innovative and sophisticated available. The Control 10 integrates Meridian¹s
proprietary connectivity with the award-winning Sooloos touchscreen, the
most user-friendly media-access solution yet created.

³Our goal for the first Meridian Sooloos product was to incorporate the
SpeakerLink technology as well as legacy-standard Meridian Comms, providing
an integrated system that was incredibly simple yet technically and
sonically superior,² said Meridian CEO, Peter Wellikoff. ³Now the Control 10
is not only the perfect complement to a Meridian system, it remains a superb
option for any installation requiring the most intuitive media server on the

Featuring the Meridian SpeakerLink and legacy Meridian Comms protocols, the
Control 10 can seamlessly integrate with Meridian¹s famed Digital
Loudspeakers, preamp/controllers, and music systems, and includes RS-232 for
integration with the full spectrum of legacy media and home-control systems.
The Control 10 also incorporates on-board S/PDIF coaxial digital outputs,
permitting it to function as a complete Sooloos ³zone².

The desktop-style Control 10 touchscreen features a razor-sharp 17-inch LCD
display with crisp, HD-level imaging and a resistive touch panel with
outstanding user feedback. Adding to its ease of use, the Control 10
includes a slot-loading CD drive in its low-profile base for convenient,
local loading or playback of content without requiring a computer or
outboard disc drive.

The Meridian Sooloos touchscreen uses cleverly integrated heatsinking for a
fanless design that renders the Control 10 completely silent, and thus ideal
for the most demanding listening environments and customers. Like all
Sooloos components, the Control 10 communicates with its Storage and Source
components via standard TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity, using either the
supplied high-quality Neutrik EtherCon connectors or any conventional
CAT5/5e/6 RJ-45 cables.

In the ever-changing world of home-entertainment technology, the Meridian
Sooloos media-management system is a complete solution that allows music and
photos to be easily accessed easily and reliably stored.

MSRP: $5,000

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