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Nokia 5330 XpressMusic destined for T-Mobile USA?

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile's US outpost has developed a fetish for Nokia's XpressMusic series over the past couple years, so why not keep the good times rolling? Of course, the one thing they've been missing so far is some good, old-fashioned AWS 3G, and if the rumors check out, that's where the just-announced 5330 slider comes into play. There's a render floating around bearing T-Mobile's corporate branding atop a cyan-hued 5330 right now supposedly rocking 1700MHz HSDPA -- and yes, granted, this isn't the most difficult Photoshop job in the world, but launching this product sure would seem to make a ton of sense, wouldn't it? Cell Phone Signal claims we should see this one in the June / July time frame, which -- considering the Europe-to-America time rift, isn't an entirely unreasonable release lag.

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