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Play PSP, eat PSP candies

Majed Athab

Ever wanted to eat sour candy out of a PSP-shaped tin case? Well, in about two months, you can. Online retailer Urban Collector has a pre-order listing for "PSP Sours" (pictured above) and will be selling 12-pack boxes for roughly $32. Although PSP Sours is an interesting concept, something tells us that it isn't an official, Sony-licensed product.

Anyway, let us know if you spot PSP Sours in your local grocery or convenience store. We want to know if they're any good -- and, more importantly, if the little candies are shaped like PSPs, too. Now that would be cool.

[Update: Actually, these candies are the real deal, a SCEA rep has confirmed with us. Apparently, the little candies inside are shaped like the face buttons: X, O, Square and Triangle.]

[Via Electricpig]

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