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Rogers close to appointing new CEO?

Chris Ziegler

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Rogers is getting lined up to finally announce a new Chief Executive -- a rather important position at the company that's been left vacated since founder Ted Rogers passed away several months ago. Sounds like the lucky dude will be Nadir Mohamed, who's currently serving as president and COO of the company's Communications Group. Of course, no change of power would be complete without some behind-the-scenes drama, and in this case, it appears that there's at least some risk of a power struggle between Mohamed and Rogers' son Edward, so in an effort to nip that in the bud, it's rumored that Rogers will be given some sort of executive role at the company -- possibly in charge of acquisitions. Looks like this'll all be made public any day now, so we don't have long to wait. Anyone hoping this guy ushers in some change?

[Via mocoNews]

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