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The Fallout game you'll never play: Brotherhood of Steel 2


Fallout 3 isn't the first console Fallout game, but it certainly feels like it. Series fans have, for the most part, forgotten about the franchise black sheep, 2004's Brotherhood of Steel, for PS2 and Xbox. A sequel to the game was in the works, and according to its design document, would have provided a Fallout experience that appears more closely related to the original PC games than the original BoS or, arguably, Fallout 3.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun hypothesizes that the success of Brotherhood of Steel 2 would have repositioned the series as a console-only franchise, and would have prevented Bethesda from getting its hands on the series. Of course, considering the negative reaction to the first BoS title, it's clear why this project never really took off.

The 32-page design document is a relic for any Fallout fan to flip through, with tons of never-before-seen art, including images of the always-lovable Pip Vault Boy. The game will never see the light of day, but with this design doc, you can play it on the best console around: your imagination.

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