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Three Valkyria Chronicles DLC packs coming this spring

Jem Alexander

If you're one of the three people who actually picked up Sega's alternate World War II strategy shooter, Valkyria Chronicles, it may interest you to know that you'll have a reason to revisit the game this spring. Sega has announced that three DLC packs will be made available for the game, including two new missions and an extra hard mode. The hard mode challenges you to play through the game again without the Edelweiss -- your tank and most powerful unit.

The other two packs add new missions to play through, with one allowing you to take control of the enemy as you see the war from their side. Hopefully you'll be spurred on by the news of this DLC and will go out and buy this excellent PS3 exclusive for yourselves. Though that does mean we'll have to move our monthly Valkyria Chronicles owners meeting to somewhere larger than the local Starbucks.

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