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UWB is dead! Long live... UWB!

Darren Murph

Wait, let us get this straight. UWB is dead, but it's... not? According to a melancholy release issued today by the soon-to-shutter WiMedia Alliance, said entity has reached technology transfer arrangements to shuffle its ultra-wideband workings to groups within Bluetooth SIG and Wireless USB. After that process is complete, the WiMedia Alliance will -- in its words -- "cease operations." According to WiMedia president Stephen Wood, it has "reached a point in specification development and product availability where it is more efficient for the related industry groups to oversee future specification development in-house." It's tough to say whether this move will add yet another nail in ultra-wideband's coffin or act as the spark it has been longing for since its introduction, but we're cautiously hoping for the latter to prove true. Alright new management, time to see what you're made of!

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