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Adapter turns Classic Controller into GameCube controller


From the "ridiculous level of customization" department: a new device from EMS that removes one small deficiency in the Wii Classic Controller's capabilities: the ability to use it on GameCube games. EMS's Classic Linker allows users to plug a Classic Controller into the GameCube controller slot, allowing it to be used as a GameCube controller. As an added bonus, it also allows the use of PlayStation or PS2 controllers!

The Wii angle is nice, but where we see this being most useful is in an actual GameCube. The Classic Controller's button layout makes it superior even to the Hori Digital Pad for use in the Game Boy Player.

It had better have a longer cord than most controller adapters, because the Classic Controller's little cord doesn't exactly span a room. This accessory is available through Play-Asia for $16.90.

[Thanks, dreganfyre!]

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