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Dell lets Adamo 9 and Studio One 22 slip


In another of those extra-special slip-ups peculiar to Dell, we get the unofficial announcement of a pair of new computers courtesy of Dell's own support documents. This time, it's the Dell Adamo 9 and Studio One 22. From that bit of info we can deduce a 9-inch, ultra-glam, ultra-portable laptop carrying Dell's luxury Adamo brand as well as a 22-inch version of Dell's sexy Studio One all-in-one PC. Pretty sweet by comparison to the relative heft of the just announced 13-inch Adamo laptop and the tiny display on Dell's 19-inch Studio One. Good times.

Update: spotted the Adamo 9 on the compatibility list for the Dell Wireless 5530 card. In other words, the Adamo 9 will offer both internal HSPA data and GPS lock as an optional update.

[Thanks, Steve S.]

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