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LiveFire: Online FPS with voice chat coming to iPhone


Former EA Los Angeles studio director Neil Young (not that Neil Young) was on hand at today's iPhone OS 3.0 debut to show off upcoming games from his new venture, ngmoco. The company has already delivered a series of highly regarded iPhone titles, including Topple, Dr. Awesome and Dropship -- and today unveiled perhaps its most ambitious to date, a first-person online shooter called LiveFire.

Our compatriots at Engadget were live at the event, reporting that the game "is pretty impressive, a fairly smooth FPS with in game chat. Graphics aren't too shabby, if a bit basic," but that "the controls don't look super easy." The title makes use of Apple's new App Store integration within apps in the form of a microtransaction-based weapons depot. In this example, a rocket launcher cost $.99. Unfortunately, that's the extent of what ngmoco was willing to divulge on the title. Can you earn a rocket launcher? We sure hope so.

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