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Logitech presents in-game Gran Turismo 5 Prologue challenge


Players of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue are being asked to "take the Logitech Challenge." It may sound like a soft drink marketing gimmick from the '80s, but it's actually a three-week, in-game competition that could net you some sweet Logitech gaming gear.

Beginning tomorrow, March 18, the Logitech Challenge is a series of three lap time based events set on specific courses with an equally specific car selection to choose from. At the end of each week, Logitech will record the top three lap times; third place will win a Logitech Driving Force Wireless wheel and V470 Cordless Laser Mouse; second place will receive the wheel and a set of Logitech Z-5 speakers; come in first and you'll get the wheel, mouse and Logitech Audio Hub speakers.

Additionally, five random participants from each week will be selected to receive Driving Force Wireless wheels. Full contest rules can be found here; Logitech is extending a 10% offer at its online store for the duration on the event -- type in coupon code "challenge 09".

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