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Rogers bumps BlackBerry prices skyward to help with "acquisition expenses"

Darren Murph

As with any major company out there, Rogers Wireless has been burning through some cash in order to move its business forward. So far as we can tell, however, it's acquired nothing substantial enough to warrant a $30 million hole in the overall acquisition budget. According to a poorly scribed email that was allegedly whisked out by a Rogers bigwig, the senior executive team just realized that it was $30 million in the red when it came to acquisitions, and coincidentally (or not), the price of select BlackBerry handsets has crept up anywhere between $25 and $50 on a 3-year contract. Granted, there's no confirmed link between the price hikes and the budget fiasco, but simple logic could bring us to believe that one is definitely in reaction to the other. Who knows -- maybe those gigantic Bolds were way, way more expensive that anyone assumed.

[Image courtesy of BlackBerry News]

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