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Sony's Steinberg says 2009 lineup is 'relentless, AAA-quality'


Speaking with David Radd at GameDaily, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA, Scott Steinberg, wants you to know that, if you were under the impression Sony had "punched itself out," you're mistaken! Citing Killzone 2 as the beginning of, "a great lineup [that is] relentless and AAA-quality," Steinberg names MLB 09: The Show and this summer's inFamous as two titles that are, "going to arrest the momentum from competitors." That's without mentioning the Heavy Rains and Uncharted 2s of the world, we might add.

And though Steinberg's remarks are filled with marketing speak (that's the technical term, folks), we can't help but agree that the company's 2009 lineup seems a lot more fleshed out three months into the year than its competitors. Maybe next week's Game Developer's Conference will change some of that. We'll just have to wait and see.

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