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Target receives new PS3 SKU to release after GDC


According to a reader tip, Target stores are receiving a brand new PS3 SKU. The DPCI item number for the new product is 207-23-0009 and it will be available on March 29, a few days after the end of Game Developer's Conference.

The new SKU, confirmed by our tipster's photo, bundles the now-standard 80 GB console and two Greatest Hits games: MotorStorm and Resistance: Fall of Man. Those who have managed to keep track of the various SKUs will find this package awfully similar to a bundle launched in Europe in 2007. Heck, all it does is add Resistance to the now-defunct MotorStorm bundle.

Unfortunately, our tipster says this new bundle doesn't come with a price drop. The SKU will retail for $399, the same price as the current low-end PS3. Yes, the addition of two free games makes it a better value, but this bundle can't replace the "price drop" analysts have been predicting (and publishers have been begging for). Either this is a Target-specific bundle, or this will be one of the most unexciting PS3 announcements to date.

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